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Creative Guest Book Ideas
Gone are the days when the standard at every wedding arrival was to sign the same old boring guest book. Sure, the shade of ivory changed from time to time, but you more or less always expected the same thing when it came to signing your best wishes for the new bride and groom. And then the ivory book would sit on a shelf somewhere and collect dust, never to be seen again. Fortunately nowadays, brides are a little bit more adventurous when it comes to certain aspects of wedding planning, including selecting a fun and memorable way to display a “guest book.” Read More
Bridal Parties: Keeping the Peace
The sheer number of horror stories regarding bridal party controversies that I have been privy to in the last few months is nothing short of astounding. It has become clear that the source of most conflicts is derived from issues that far surpass the initial “who do I pick” dilemma that all brides-to-be encounter. Not to mention that there is an obvious disconnect between the parties and the brides themselves concerning whether or not there truly was an issue through the eyes of one or the other. After hearing story after story from angry-women-of-bridesmaids-past, it dawned on me that the main issue is as simple as a lack of... Read More
Scarlet’s Table
Scarlet’s Table was founded by Susan Findlay who is now blessing Olive Studio with her multi-faceted talents in wedding styling, prop dealing and creating dreamy floral pieces. Susan’s beautiful floral work & styling has brought romance and colour to many weddings and events. Her love of flowers, soft and romantic, shines through in her work. Foraging and using locally sourced greenery and blooms is her favourite choice for creating lush, textured pieces. Read More

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