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Picking the Perfect Date
Seems simple. And it is. But there are many important things to consider when it comes to picking your date. At the end of the day, this day is about you and your partner so those who love you will not mind too much about the date you pick, but there are ways to get around the grumbles and the extra dollar signs. Read More
Creative Menu Displays
If you’re really crafty and live to DIY anything and everything, then creating a unique looking menu for your wedding reception is such a fun way to get your creative juices flowing!! Much like your seating chart, the menu display is another way you can have fun adding your own personal touch and style to your wedding decor.  Read More
Dessert Table Inspiration
I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a dessert girl. Okay, let’s be honest here…aren’t most people? So of course the dessert table at a wedding, or any function for that matter, is a highlight for me. And not only do I love dessert time, I love it when the presentation of said dessert table looks just as sweet!  Read More

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