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DIY Party Favours
Whether you’re a bride on a budget, really crafty or just want to add your own personal touch to your special day, DIY party favours can be a fun and easy wedding task to tackle. They’re also a great way to share something with your guests that you and your groom love and says something about who you are as a couple.  They can be a big drain on your wedding budget though, depending on how large your guest list is, but with a little creativity, time and effort, you can have a great DIY favour that will put a smile on your guests faces. Read More
Morning Ceremonies & Brunch Receptions
I have yet to have the opportunity to plan one of these myself, but they definitely have peaked my interest. Morning Weddings and Brunch Receptions have unquestionably started trending!   Brunch wedding receptions have become more commonplace in large cities mostly due to the fact that they impact the ‘ole wallet a whole lot less than the traditional evening reception while still allowing couples to have their day in the venue of their dreams. Take Toronto, ON for example. Expensive reception venues such as The Ritz-Carlton, Distillery Event Venues (Archeo, The Loft, Cluny... Read More
Bang for your Buck
Nothing makes brides and grooms to be more nervous than the thought of emptying their wallets when it comes to the initial stages of planning those I-do’s. Trust me, I get it. Even when Global News got in on the action and posted an article last year stating that the average cost of a Canadian wedding is now boastfully over $30,000, it really makes a person wonder how in the world this is the average and how the hell people are able to afford such a thing. Not that there is anything wrong with dropping a few dimes here and there on the biggest party of your life, I am an event planner after all, these big wedding dreamers are... Read More

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