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January 15, 2018

White Cake Stands: from $3 – $18Vintage  each and Milk Glass Vases: $3 each

Glass Candy Dishes/Vintage Cake Stands: $7-$15

Pink + Gold Cake Stand (2x): $10 each  + Hand Painted Cake Stand: $10

Metal 4 Tiered Dessert Stand: $18

Large Florentine Wooden Tray: $20 +  Assortment of Florentine Trays: $10-$20

Vintage Metal Birds: $6 each + Vintage Cake Tins + Hatboxes: $10 each

Glass Cake Stands: $8 + Candy Vessels: $7-$15

Wooden Log Tray Slices (x2): $5 each

 Silver Plates + Trays: $5-$15 each

Assortment of Cake Stands and Glass Domes: $5-$30


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